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Who We Are

We pride ourselves in making the highest quality farm-to-table dairy products which are produced just about 4 hours southeast of our location in Colorado Springs, CO. Just like The Sawatch - Colorado's highest mountain range - we strive for the highest quality artisanal products.

Knowing where your food comes from is important to us - which is why our milk arrives fresh each day from local dairies, where we take the milk through the entire process from start to finish. We take pride in everything we create and won't make anything we don't fully believe in!

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Our Artisan Butter

This isn't your run-of-the-mill butter you find in the grocery store. Our European-style Artisan Butter reminds you of how butter is supposed to taste. This is the kind of butter that plays well with others but holds its own in the spotlight!

Our butter reminds you of why the phrase "smooth like butter" exists. The higher butterfat and patiently-cultured cream creates a harmonious taste - without overwhelming the balance between creamy texture and clean flavor.

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Our Butter Process

All of our artisan products are created using fresh milk delivered daily from local dairies. Most butter is made using pre-processed cream run through high heat pasteurization, and put right into a huge industrial continuous butter churn. We handcraft our butter and tumble churn the old fashioned way!


The process begins with fresh, raw milk delivered daily from our local dairies, which is run through a cold milk separator to obtain the cream, then taken through the pasteurization process, using lower heat for a longer period of time to preserve the integrity of the cream. It takes a bit longer, but it's worth it.

Ripening & Churning

After pasteurization, we ripen our cream to enhance all the delicious flavor profiles. The ripened cream is then ready to become butter! It is brought to the batch butter churn, which separates the solids and the liquids - otherwise known as the curds and the buttermilk.

Separation & Seasoning

We drain off the buttermilk and replace with cold water before churning the curds again for a second time. This process results in a butter with a higher butterfat content and extra creamy flavors! Salt can then be added during the final churning process and the butter is ready for packaging!


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